My Core Activities – Improvement to the last Detail

An analytical reflection of the individual risk profile allows to gain comprehensive knowledge of existing exposures and the corresponding financial impact on your company’s performance. In accordance with balance-sheet impact and regulations operational and financial risks are combined and efficiently transferred via (re-) insurance and/or capital markets. Within a holistic approach assets and liabilities will match.

This capital management approach is widely known as “Alternative Risk Transfer”, briefly ART or more precise “Innovative RiskFinance“. 

In the course of this approach STAHLMANN RiskFinance Solutions provides the following range of services:

  • Analysis and assessment of risks.
  • Appraisal and valuation of existing risk transfer solutions and their alignment with the defined risk profile of your corporation.
  • Structuring and contractual design of innovative RiskFinance solutions in accordance with the previously chosen hedging strategy.
  • Placement of RiskFinance solutions with banks, financial intermediaries, investors and (re-) insurance companies.


Target Industries

Investment Funds   |  Corporate Clients  |  (Re-) Insurance Companies